2015- 2016 One Act Festivals

Keep'em Short...and Simple!

Our Little Theater One Act Festivals at WGHS is a long standing tradition that we cherish. The event allows the drama students to prepare and present original work for our school and community.

It is now tradition that we present one festival of short plays in the Fall, In the month of Dec, and in the Spring. We try to get as many students involved in the festival. We usually see many new faces on stage and as writers/directors.    

The 2016 Spring "Senior" One Acts
Wed, May 11th - 7:00pm 
This was a very unique round of student written one acts. We were in between spaces and the one acts were to be staged on the Auditorium in black box. Mr. Schaefer also decided to throw the writers/directors a curve ball and have them shown in the round. Due to the staging we chose not to video tape the shows this time (boo hoo) - this was very new to some of the directors and we didn't need the extra pressure of a camera. We did take some pics of the night.

Girls 101 - Written by Jonah Schnell 
(Jonah contributed to MANY rounds of the WG Drama One Acts as a writer, actor and technician, and he will be missed. This was his last round with the dept and next he will be attending the Webster U conservatory for Lighting Design)
Directed by - Becca Riley
Stage Mgr - Maddy Toskin
Tyler Benbow - as Cameron
San Toskin  - as John
and Emily Jackoway - as Kris

The City of Salvation - Written and Directed by Nick Suber
This was Nick first play with us as a writer and we loved that he took on a comic book-type story
Stage Mgr - Tyler "the King" Benbow
Reece Hohle - as the Magician
Al Kellenberger - as the Death Dealer
Grey Ferber - as the hostage

Stressing the Point - Written and Directed by Dylan Martin
This was Dylan's  first play with us as a writer and the rant monologue turned out to be a great two person one act play in the end. 
Kate Becker - as Kate 
Marie Bardelmeier - as Marie

 Kate Becker and Marie Bardelmeier talk about student issues in Dylan's rant play

Beneath the Streets of Paradise - Written and Directed by Kate Arendes
Leah Cooke - as Marika
Jacob Noce - as Giovanni
Jake Collins - as Aidan

Kate Arendes was one of our avid writers and is off to study the craft at NYU. This was her last curtain speech with WG Drama. We will moss her energy and dedication to the department. Kate's play worked well in the space and she really kept the stage picture moving to keep everyone seen. This was a tough assignment for a lot of the directors but everyone learned a lot about this type of staging.


Leah and Jacob discussing the artifact that was stolen and is now causing bad dreams. Jake Collins's character is worried about the deal.

Masks - Written and Directed by Travis Williams
Ben Hardin - as Vincent
Meredith Grimm Howell  - as Julie
Matt Woolbright - as Tom
Aysha Gray - as Leah

Ben and Meredith playing the scene in the round - a new style for them, but one they got to practice in Adv Drama Class.
 The play discussed how we wear masks to hide ourselves and how we try to find ourselves by taking them off around the people that matter.

The Arguement - Written and Directed by Justin Comegys
This was Justin's last one act with us as well and it will be sad to see him go. He had written many one acts in his time with us and each one was always very different from the last.
Stage Mgr. - Zach Comegys
Aidan Kurtz - as Student 1
Trinity Lynn - as The Teacher
Zach Comegys - as Student 2

It Was The Butler - Written and Directed by Molly Kurtz
This was Molly's last one act with us and she has written many plays over the years for our festivals. She is a dynamic writer with a vast imagination. She never wrote the same play twice.
Stage Mgr - Maggie Pool
Robbie Morefield - as Jon
Yusuf Randolf  - as John
Ethan Whitaker - as Officer Bradley
Caroline Jordan - as Mrs. Emily
Audrey Alt - as the old Maid
Danny Chura - as the Butler

                           Previous festivals of 2015/2016

Follow the links to see the videos of each of the plays. ENJOY!

Special Thanks to Simon Moore for recording and to Mr. Schaefer for editing and uploading all of the shows!

                                The 2015 Fall One Acts
Mcee - Jake Schutt
Light Op - Kennedy Bingman
Producer - Jonah Schnell
Program Design - Justin Comegys

Written and Directed by Natalia Sauer

The Final Countdown
Written and Directed by Molly Kurtz and Lily Newsham

The Carson Case
Written and Directed by Jonah Schnell

When the Train is Late
Written and Directed by Travis Williams

Live From The Elevator
Written and Directed by Caroline Jordan

Written and Directed by Sydney Cimarolli

Cockey Abbey
Written and Directed by Kate Arendes

The 2015 December One Acts
Producer - Mr. Schaefer
Lighting Design  - Jonah Schnell
Light Board Op - Jake Collins
Sound Design - Jacob Noce
Festival Stage Manager - Maddy Toskin
Program Design - Kate Arendes
Box Office - Micah Wilson

Mcees: Jake Schutt and Suzanna Kessler 

A Friend to Confide In  
Written and Directed by Emma McKeon
Written and Directed by Helen O'Brien and Becca Riley

Written and Directed by Tea Gardner
A Bit Too Much
Written and Directed by Aidan Kurtz

The Shaman
Written and Directed by Kate Arendes

This is a Bank Robbery...
Written and Directed by Tyler Benbow

Written and Directed by Caroline Jordan

Closet of William Hawke
Written and Directed by Molly Kurtz

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